Dear Mike and Chris:
I wanted to write and report to you how well the fireplace is working.  I lit it on Sunday and oh my goodness!!  Everything is working splendidly!  It is incredible.  I feel so safe, so secure, so confident that things are working well.  I am now in my "sleeping downstairs by the fireplace" mode. :)
I have a tremendous amount of respect for the way you run your businss: you are prompt, knowledgeable, skilled, dedicated, and communicative.  Thank you so much for gracing my home with your care.
Please come visit me any time.. if you need a place to just plop down peacefully.. if you need a warm cup of coffee or cocoa or tea...if you want to share good stories about how God and Jesus are so alive in our midst.. whatever you might need, I hope you can find some of it on my farm.

Thank you again,
Jan Turner
Lathrop, MO

P.S.  Mike, when you asked me on the first visit about fire alarms, I told you that I didn't have any (in working order).  I now have 4 of them planted here and there, as well as 2 carbon monoxide alarms.  How about THAT?  Thank you for helping me be conscientious about that.

and MORE

"Thank you for the amazing job you did  building our fireplace in our kitchen! It not only looks terrific but it functions unbelievable, it heats up our kitchen tremendously just as you said it would! With your ideas and our ideas working together made this project turn out exactly what we were looking for.  You had some amazing ideas and you were really easy to work with. Also the re-facing job you did to our livingroom fireplace is awesome! We get compliments on them both from visitors! Thanks again, we would recommend you to anyone!"  The Dotsons, Lathrop, MO